We are living in an interconnected, complex, constantly changing digital world. We can share thoughts, connect with other people and gain access to an enormous body of knowledge. 

But the fact that our everyday lives are entangled in a complex digital reality also creates new kinds of dangers. We face them as individuals, as organizations and as nations.

350 MLN

new malware variants per year

$7,84 MLN

of an average cost of cybercrime per company in Germany, 2016


is the number of aIerts which organisations are unable to sufficiently investigate

It's important that we see and understand these dangers. But it's also very difficult. Almost by the definition, tools and processes involved in cyber operations and counter-operations are complex in nature. How can we, as business organisations, perceive these issues clearly while for the majority of
population they're indistinguishable from magic?

Our answer is: by providing knowledge and ability to learn from it. We are gathering samples, data and publicly available knowledge on operations and we are using them to deliver high quality intelligence for your business.

This is what we do. And we are passionate about it.

Our mission is to shine a light on the reality of cyber operations - to deconstruct complex issues and deliver lessons to be learnt in a form of simpler concepts.

In order to achieve these goals, we strive to deliver a variety of tools, analysis tutorials and services, that provide valuable insights into the contemporary cybersecurity landscape to businesses and organizations.

Why choose Korrino?


We have experience in providing Incident Investigation and Malware Analysis service in private and public companies: large providers of telecommunication service, Computer Emergency Response Teams and companies in financial sector

We conducted trainings and lectures all around the globe: Gold Coast, Dubai, Paris, Warsaw

We participate in a variety of closed and open source projects aiming at improving security and analysis tools

Complex service

We guide our clients throughout the investigation process and assist at every step

We immediately inform on investigation progress via our client's portal. We report to wide range of audience, including senior management and technical personnel

We provide you with actionable data so that you know how to face difficult situations wisely and make informed decisions on the Course of Action


We perform all elements of Incident Investigation process addressing the leading industry standards, such as ISO 27001 or NIST SP 800-61, NIST SP 800-83

We have awareness of current threat landscape in various parts of the world

We cooperate with security teams of many organisations around the world in exchanging information on active malicious operations

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why we are the best solution for your business

Incident investigation

Investigate the source of anomalies
and incidents

Detect exposure within your network

Attribute malicious operations

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Managed Malware Analysis

Explore malware capabilities and characteristics

Extract Indicators of Compromise

Perform data correlation and attribution analysis

Gain insight on malicious actor's TTP

Perform exploit analysis

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